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newborn and mom holding hands
Blog | April 9, 2024

Placenta Donation Explained

Having a child is a life-changing experience. With all of the baby preparation, doctor’s appointments, and the planning- chances are you haven’t been too focused…

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Donate and save a life
Blog | April 3, 2024

What Disqualifies you from being a Living Kidney Donor?

Donating a kidney can help save somebody’s life, and Gift of Life Michigan works to provide resources for donors, recipients, and families. However, not everyone is…

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healthy lungs
Blog | April 3, 2024

Can a Living Person Donate a Lung?

Organ donation has long been one of the most selfless acts someone can provide. Generous donations of blood, plasma, kidneys and other organs have helped…

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More than 100 staff at Munson Medical Center gathered to celebrate their upcoming Hospital of the Year Award - many of them came in on their day off to join the celebration.
News | March 1, 2024

Munson Medical Center Named Hospital of the Year by Gift of Life Michigan

Munson’s John Stanifer, MD and ICU Manager, Eric Jean also to be recognized. Gift of Life Michigan has announced that in April it will honor…

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children holding hands
News | March 1, 2024

Can a Living Person Donate a Liver?

The liver is an important organ. It filters toxins out of your blood. You can’t live without one for more than a few days. Can…

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News | March 1, 2024

Can You Donate Your Placenta?

The placenta is a one-of-a-kind organ that plays a significant role in pregnancy. It assists in transmitting oxygen and essential nutrients between the maternal and…

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A happy family
News | March 1, 2024

What Tissue can be Donated?

There are several tissues that one can donate to save lives. This includes cornea, tendons, veins, skins, and bones. We usually hear much about organ…

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Dr. Bedi, Rachel Kuntzsch and Sarah Scantamburlo are new Gift of Life Governing Board members
News | February 21, 2024

Gift of Life Michigan announces new board members

New board members will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table Gift of Life Michigan is proud to announce three new members joining its…

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2023 was a record year for Gift of Life Michigan with 578 organ donors and 1,858 tissue donors
News | January 15, 2024

Gift of Life Michigan smashes record for organ donors in 2023

More than 213,000 people join Donor Registry Gift of Life Michigan helped a record 578 people become organ donors and 1,858 to give the gift…

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Melinda Herrera, Neuro ICU nurse at Sparrow Hospital, will receive Gift of Life's 2024 Nurse Champion Award
News | January 3, 2024

Sparrow Hospital nurse earns statewide donation champion award from Gift of Life Michigan

Malinda Herrera becomes a living donor to offer hope Malinda Herrera has been a passionate advocate of organ and tissue donation for years as a…

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Patrick Pruitt's eyesight was saved by a cornea donor when he was a young child.
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 15, 2023

Cornea recipient celebrates his gift of sight

I’m here because 32 years ago I received a life-changing gift. Sight is an easy thing to take for granted and, like so much in…

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Terri Finch Hamilton's father was a donor-in-spirit at the end of his life.
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 15, 2023

My dad is a ‘donor in spirit’

I was sitting in my living room, numb with grief, when the phone rang. My dad had died a few hours earlier. A woman named…

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Malinda Herrera of Lansing donated part of her liver in August to help a colleague’s spouse.
Blog | December 15, 2023

New Michigan law protects health coverage for living organ donors

Legislation should remove financial fears for those considering helping others Gift of Life Michigan celebrates the passage of a law that prevents health insurers from…

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Gift of Life's President and CEO, Dorrie Dils, presented the Multicultural Difference Maker award to donor mother Artelia Griggs at the 2023 Champions Gala
Blog, Gift of LifeLines | December 14, 2023

Donation champion award winners for 2024 will be announced this month

Tickets available for the popular April Gala Gift of Life Michigan will soon announce the names of about 20 donation champion award winners which will…

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Sherry Johnson, with hair pulled back right, sits on her bed in her hospital room while she waits for a second heart and kidney transplant. Her forearm is facing the camera so we can see her tattoo, representing her original heart and her first transplanted heart.
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Stories of Hope | December 14, 2023

You gave me your heart so I could live my dreams

Sherry Johnson shares her experiences as a heart transplant patient who waits again Sherry Johnson was so exhausted she couldn’t walk her two little boys…

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