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Blog | January 21, 2020

2019: a year of advancements and success

Advances in technology and continued expansion of the Organ Donor Registry helped Gift of Life Michigan – and organ procurement organizations across the country –…

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Blog | December 30, 2019

Gift of Life Michigan honors donors during Tournament of Roses Parade

The Donate Life float will once again have a special meaning for many people who take part in or watch the annual Rose Parade in…

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Blog | December 23, 2019

Transplant community works together to improve efficiencies

The transplant community is continually working to solve a complex equation that involves time, distance and patient-donor compatibility to improve care and save lives. A…

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Blog | December 16, 2019

Gift of Life Michigan welcomes Secretary of State

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson stopped by Gift of Life Michigan recently to reaffirm the partnership between the two organizations and set some lofty…

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Blog | November 26, 2019

Who we are and what we do: the organ donation process at Gift of Life Michigan

Gift of Life Michigan was founded nearly 50 years ago, but we still get common questions about who we are, what we do and how…

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Blog | November 13, 2019

Gift of Life, faith leaders discuss organ and tissue donation

Gift of Life Michigan and the InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit hosted an Organ Donation Across the Faith Traditions discussion recently, where several local…

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what is brain death
Blog | October 22, 2019

Brain Death Explained

There have been several stories in the news recently about hospitalized patients being pronounced brain dead. Some of those stories (and the comments on them)…

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Blog | October 9, 2019

Young transplant recipient and family vow to pay forward their gift

Editor’s Note: We are devastated to learn that Zahraa passed away on November 14, 2019. To her family and many friends: you are in our…

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Blog | July 30, 2019

Talking to your family about organ, tissue and eye donation

Talking about death can be uncomfortable. Most people don’t like to think about their own mortality. But death is part of life, and if we…

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Arab American Muslim young man in sport jacket smiling at camera
Blog | June 4, 2019

Can Muslims Donate Organs or Receive Transplants?

Muslims in the U.S. often wonder whether organ donation and transplant are permitted in Islam. Until recently, the answer to that question has been less…

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Blog | March 25, 2019

March is National Kidney Month

Of the more than 113,000 Americans waiting for an organ transplant, the vast majority – nearly 95,000 – are waiting for a kidney transplant. Why…

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Blog | March 22, 2019

The Hispanic community embraces organ, tissue and eye donation

Here’s what life was like for Leslie Palacios before she received the gift of a cornea donation from a deceased donor: She struggled to help…

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Blog | March 13, 2019

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome! Gift of Life Michigan has a brand-new way to talk about organ, eye and tissue donation. This blog will provide a rich opportunity for…

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