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News | March 18, 2010

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signs law requiring organ donation be taught in driver’s education

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed a bill into law Thursday mandating organ and tissue donor education in driver’s education classes. The law takes effect immediately and…

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News | February 18, 2010

Gift of Life Campus Challenge nets more than 2,000 sign ups statewide

Congratulations to Eastern Michigan University with 405 donor registrations, and Siena Heights University, which registered 10.5 percent of its student population, for winning the 2010…

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News | February 1, 2010

Statewide registration drive nets 319,000 new organ donors in 2010

Gift of Life Michigan and its partners added a record 319,000 new names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry in 2010. That’s 33 percent more…

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News | December 14, 2009

DONOR Logo Becomes Permanent

Secretary of State customers who are signed up on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry will have the red donor/heart logo printed on their standard driver’s…

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