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Alicia M Alexander

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Suzanne: “Alicia was very proud of her Native American heritage. Almost every night Alicia would go out to smudge – no matter how cold it was. Alicia had a beautiful smile that was real. She liked to laugh and joke around. Alicia loved when her mom visited and told me many times that her mom is her best friend.”

Mrs. Strahl, teacher: Alicia was a pleasure to have in class.

Mark:”Alicia became a leader among her peers. So many times when her friends were down or struggling, Alicia would be there to pick them up, make them smile, and help them to move forward. Her smile was contagious and her voice ever so soothing. Her heart showed right through her clothes. She was genuine and loving.”

Dennis McGaffigan: “Later on in Alicia Alexander’s treatment I used to try to make it back to her group each day towards the end of my shift. The group that Alicia was in at the time would often show great care and concern for each other. I used to tell the girls I was back there to get a dose of niceness from the group. When a peer was struggling I’d ask Alicia, ‘You got this?’ Alicia would then take over leading the help for her peer. I’d sit back and watch how thoughtful Alicia and her group could be to someone in need of help. The next day I’d check in with Alicia and she’d tell me, ‘I told you I’d take care of things.’ I enjoyed knowing Alicia.”

I remember Alicia to be a fun loving person, great sense of humor, w/ a spark for life. She demonstrated a caring attitude & willingness to help those around her. Alicia stood tall to her struggles & pushed forward with life. Alicia was also proud of her culture, teaching those around her of her heritage.