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Ashley Janderski

Date of Birth: 

Our daughter Ashley Marie Janderwski, 18 years old, passed away November 18, 2007 in a single car accident. She was returning home from work at Fore lakes Golf Course as a banquet server. She was survived by her parents Lynn & Rick, her older sister Melissa, her older brother Kristofor, her grandparents Henry & Marjorie, and faithful dog Izzy. She was attending college to become a Special Education Teacher. Her love for special needs children came from having a special needs sister. Her family and friends meant the world to her and she would have done anything for them. She played hockey since she was 6 years old and played on a girls high school team for 4 years. After she graduated from high school, she helped with the team with practice and taught her friends to live life to the fullest and it didn't matter what people thought. She will be remembered for her love of life, her infectious laugh, her beautiful smile and gorgeous blue eyes. She was always taking pictures of herself. The picture on the quilt is a picture of her and he 3 year old dog Izzy that she had taken. Izzy was adopted on July 24, 2007 from the county dog pound. She was an abused dog and had a hard time when Ashley passed away. She would be on the back of the couch looking for the little red car to pull into the driveway and it never came. Ashely always had to take her with her where ever she went so it was a hard adjustment for Izzy. We took Izzy to the funeral home during the family viewing so that she could smell her and see that she was gone. This seemed to help her with her grief and not be so depressed looking out the window waiting for her owner to come home and yell "IZZY!" When she turned 16 years old and received her drivers license, she asked her father about signing the back of her license to donate her organs if anything happened to her. She didn't hesitate for a minute to sign the back. She was always a giving person so this didn't surprise us that she would help someone else out even after she died. When she passes away, we were asked if she wanted to donate her tissue. Even with the grief of losing our daughter, we immediately said "yes!" We found out that her eyes were given to research; her back bone went to help children with back deformities and other tissue went to help so many other people. With her donation of tissue, she is able to live on and make a difference in someone else's life even after her death. Her love continues on in others. Her motto was "Live, Laugh, Love!"