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Casey Dwain Moe

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

“Living Life With Love”

Unknown to us is His Master Plan

Not only for woman but for man.

For from the day we are born, our day of death is known

By our Divine Lord who decides when our time on Earth is done.


He gives us life with body and soul

To use as we see fit and in His grace to grow.

It’s up to us to make our mark while we are here

And leave cherished memories for those we loved dear.


From birth on, our days are a gift

Making decisions and choices as we see fit.

We play, work, and pray to lead good lives as best we can

With love and guidance from above by His Heavenly hand.


It all began one afternoon,

With two hearts now even knowing.

That their lives would change forever

When he walked through that door just glowing.


His intentions were set on the girl he eyed

Saying he wanted to go out with her, he could not deny.

She thought for a moment and was quite surprised

When her heart said “yes”, he is worth a try.


From then on they fell in love and decided to take the step

To pledge their love to each other without regret.

A family was formed with much work ahead

To enfold four children and themselves without any dread.


A precious year of marriage was just celebrated

With many more ahead,

But God had other plans for Casey

He needed him in Heaven as one of his angels instead.


Now it’s time to cherish all he was

And keep him forever in your heart.

For he is reaping his eternal reward

As promised by his Divine and Loving Lord.


This poem was written by my step-mother.  It’s perfectly fitting for Casey.  Casey lived first unto his Lord, then his wife, and then his family…not to mention all the lives he touched by simply walking into a room with his amazing smile.  Casey was taken too soon for many of us…but how thankful I am that he is living on forever in our hearts and in those his organs saved.  It’s amazing how quickly our lives can change…In one moment I’m praying for a miracle for him to survive, then I’m saying see you later, and the next praying for a miracle to the families praying just as hard for a miracle of their own that through Casey’s passing one life lost to another few gained.  For this he will forever be ALIVE!