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Donald Solms


Don died suddenly and with no warning on March 14, 2007, He died telling me about a wonderful astronomy program he had just watched on T.V. When the E.R M.Ds asked about donation, there was no question! Don had been a pilot for 52 years. We have flown together in our single engine airplane all over the continental U.S (including Alaska). He was also a well respected flight instructor for many years. Teaching (Math and Physics) was his vocation. Flying and Astrophysics were his avocation- he loved them all. He loved life. Our airplane- N6450K- was red, white, and gray. The graph paper red design is so like Don; he loved graph paper. The white wings also have a geometric design. The black tail and propeller remind me of swirling nuclei and galaries of which he was so fond of studying. Einstein was his hero. He died on Eisnteins birthday. It was also pi day ie: 3.14.