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Neil G. Erickson


Neil G. Erickson loves God, respects nature, and knows importance of family. He loves the simple things in life: the outdoors, animals, especially dogs and children.

Neil is easy going, quick witted and highly intelligent. Strangers quickly become his friend. His eyes have this twinkle when he smiles and his laugh is robust. Neil is funny and always has a kind word to say. He never judges anyone, or expects anything back.

Neil is always eager to help. He donates blood, serves at homeless shelters, ushers at our church, and every Christmas he plays one of the Wiseman in our Christmas play.

He donates his time with Forgotten Harvest, World Health Institute teaching CPR, Volunteers of America, and The American Red Cross to name a few. Neil volunteered and did routine maintenance for Abigayle Ministries, a shelter for battered and homeless pregnant women.

Some of his favorite TV shows are watching: The Three Stooges, Ghost Hunters, the History Channel, and American Diggers. He’s a member of the Michigan Treasure Hunters, a club for metal detecting enthusiasts. He loves going “treasure hunting” and looking for old and mysterious items. He does fellowship with the Men’s Bible Study group and every October he attends Men’s Retreat at Camp Barakel, a Christian retreat.

Becoming a Michigan donor was easy for Neil. His greatest act of volunteerism was his final one, by donating his organs so that others could live. The most bittersweet gift someone can give.