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Robert B. DeYonker


The quilt square I created in honor of my brother shows such a small fraction of who he was. It was truly a challenge to use only 10 square inches. I could have easily done an entire quilt- front and back- and not had enough room. This is only a small clue into who he was. The Patch. Brother- I lucked out having him for mine. He was everything a sister could want in a brother. To say I miss him, isn't close to enough. And brother-in-law to my husband. They really cared about each other. Jim misses him too. Soulmate- the love of his life, Debbie. After nearly 20 years together, they finally set a date to marry. July 1rst. 77 days too late. I can only imagine her sorrow. Dad- to Debbie's daughters, Lisa & Carrie, he took that job gladly and they loved and respected him for it. I know their sorrow. Grandpa- Lisa's son Brady and Carries daughter, Ella were the two who loved him at their Grandpa. Carries son Jack wasn't here yet. With out help hell still get to know Grandpa Bob. Friend- A truer friend you couldn't ask for. Ive known that all my life. He was my brother, but he was every bit my friend too. He had an awful lot of friends, from many walks of life. So many friends that they couldn't ll be inside to attend his service. They poured out to the lawn and parking lot. As a boy he enjoyed riding and showing his horse in equestrian events. As a grown man (and still a kid at heart) he took to Iron Horses. He loved to be riding his Harley. The first one he got at about age 24. It was pretty much a constant in his life after that. Bob was quick to learn any now interest, sport, or hobby. One that was a great interest was Civil War re-enacting. And all the history that went with it. He could tell you in great detail most anything about it, and make it interesting! He even did some re-enacting in a Civil War documentary. Bob was a fun loving, funny, charismatic guy. He could tell a tale and hold your interest until the (usually funny) ending. He was caring, kind, and sweet while still being manly, tough and with a little bit of "the devil" in him. Mom would have said "the dickens." Either way, maybe that's why he liked flames on things. Yes, those flames on the square are from a pair on his shorts. Had to include them. I know hes grinning and glad I put them there. And the little heart over his right shoulder, it represents so many things that I wont even get started. Thanks for reading about my brother, I'm sorry you didn't get to know him personally. I'm so grateful that I did. See ya Bob.