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Tyler Brandon McClure

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 

Tyler’s quilt patch is a copy of the front of the memorial card created by his friend, John Decker, for his funeral service. The background is from a tattoo Tyler created and had on his left arm. It depicts Jesus and the cross with the words beautiful struggle. The picture is cut from Tyler with a group of friends because he was rarely alone. Tyler was like the Pied Piper and wherever he was he was with friends or made friends. Tyler would give up anything he had and this was his final gift. Part of his obituary was from a poem that he wrote and it describes him so well. It reads as follows: “on the horizon shines a light from a boat, if my ship won’t come in then trails where I will swim. And if I perish in the midst, then just look where I’ve been. Tell my story to others, let this wisdom help them- God won’t live life for you, only show you the light. Live your life to the fullest take chances and fight.” Tyler got a lot of life one of his 24 years with us. We miss Tyler and his joyful light everyday but take Comfort that he could give someone else a chance.
-- Leri McClure