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The Gift of Life HOSA Challenge is a 3-week service project for Michigan HOSA chapters that saves lives. During the HOSA Challenge, students recruit their peers and community to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry, while completing activities to educate them about importance of organ and tissue donation.

HOSA Challenge logo: "students saving lives" 10/16 - 11/3/2023
Three HOSA high school students pointing to a display case where they have created a Donate Life/Gift of Life display

Sign your chapter up to save lives!

Join the service project that saves lives و earns you money. Michigan HOSA Chapters that participate in the Gift of Life HOSA Challenge between October 16 and November 3, 2023, will earn points for cash prizes.

هل أنت مستعد للانضمام إلى تحدي HOSA؟ Click the link below to complete the registration form.

Want to learn more? Register below to join us for an informational webinar on Mon., Oct. 9, from 7-8 PM.

Download Resources

Click the link below to download digital resources from the HOSA Challenge Toolkit.

Register New Donors

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Submit Your Activities

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Thank you to all of the Michigan HOSA Chapters that participated in the 2022 Gift of Life HOSA Challenge!

نتيجة لعملكم الشاق ، 1,027 new donors were registered, and more than 3,500 activities were completed لتثقيف وإلهام المجتمع بشأن التبرع بالأعضاء والعين والأنسجة.

مبروك ل أنكور باي HS HOSA for registering the most new donors with 366, and for completing the most activity points with 3,949. We appreciate your continued support in the efforts to save and heal lives here in Michigan!

معلومات الوالدين

يمكن لأي شخص الانضمام إلى سجل متبرعي الأعضاء في ميشيغان ، بما في ذلك القصر. يجوز للوالدين إلغاء قرار القاصر بالتبرع قانونًا حتى يبلغ 18 عامًا. نحن نشجع أي شخص يفكر في أن يكون القرار مانحًا لمناقشته مع أسرته.

يمكن لأي شخص إزالة اسمه من السجل عن طريق الاتصال بـ Gift of Life Michigan أو عن طريق زيارة مكتب وزير الخارجية.


تواصل معنا على [email protected] أو 866-500-5801.

Photo collage of high school students during the HOSA Challenge, promoting organ donation.
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