تهدف حملة جديدة في مقاطعة واين إلى زيادة المتبرعين وإنقاذ الأرواح

هدية الحياة ميشيغان

تحاول Gift of Life مساعدة ديترويت ومقاطعة واين في سد الفجوة بين حاجتها الكبيرة إلى عمليات الزرع ونسبة المتبرعين المنخفضة فيها. سيتم بث PSA جديد ، Waiting to Live - Wayne County ، على قنوات الكابل Comcast حتى نوفمبر.

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sunset colors and a cross

Can Catholics Donate Organs?

The tenets of the Catholic faith are something many adhere to. But at times, these…

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Group of patients waiting for organ transplants carrying a banner reading "Waiting to Live" along the Capitol sidewalk

Check Your Heart Rally at State Capitol encourages next generation to donate life

Hundreds expected in support of organ, eye and tissue donation on June 12 Hundreds of…

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May was a record month with 197 tissue donors

Gift of Life Michigan has record-breaking month

197 people gave tissue in May to heal patients in need May was a record-breaking…

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Gift of life. two hands holding kidneys.

Long-term Effects of Kidney Donation

The decision to donate a kidney as a living donor should not be taken lightly,…

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surgery room

Will Doctors Still Save my Life if I’m a Registered Organ Donor?

There are many myths associated with the medical profession. One of the most common misconceptions…

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More than 12,000 people joined the Michigan Organ Donor Registry this year while filing their income tax returns.

Michigan Organ Donor Registry sees major growth thanks to Check Your Heart Act

More than 12,000 new registrants added during 2024 tax season Thanks to the Check Your…

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