Will Doctors Still Save my Life if I’m a Registered Organ Donor?

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There are many myths associated with the medical profession. One of the most common misconceptions is that doctors won’t act fast to save someone’s life if they have registered to be an organ donor. In fact, while organ donation is a noble act that can change more than one life, medical professionals don’t consider organ donation when a sick or injured person arrives at the hospital.

Gift of Life is here to help dispel this myth and show you why organ donation matters.

Doctors Won’t Allow Anyone to Die If They’re a Registered Organ Donor

Doctors are bound by the Hippocratic Oath, a sacred vow that calls them to commit to the welfare of their patients above all else. This means that when a sick or injured person comes under their care, they will do everything they can to save that person’s life. Whether or not that person is an organ donor, the doctor considers every avenue to provide life-saving care, putting their patients’ well-being above their own and working around the clock.

Additionally, most medical professionals are unaware of your status as an organ donor when you come in for care.

Trauma surgeons work in a separate department from those involved in organ and tissue recovery. Strict guidelines and processes guide these doctors and medical professionals, policies designed to ensure every patient remains secure and safe.

Common Myths About Organ Donation

There are other myths associated with organ donation. One common misconception is that you need to be in the best health to be a viable candidate for organ donation. In fact, very few medical conditions prevent you from organ donation.

You can also opt to donate specific organs to people who aren’t just friends and family, as the myth holds. Your healthcare team can work with you directly to evaluate any risks and ensure your health won’t be damaged if you choose to donate a kidney or a lung.

Why Organ Donation Matters

Every 10 minutes, a new person joins the national waiting list for an organ transplant.

Donated organs can help these people survive incurable diseases and illnesses that would have once been considered a death sentence—your choice to sign up for the donor registry matters.

Organ donation can not only save a person’s life but also give the recipient’s loved ones more time with them.

It’s estimated that one person’s organ donation can positively affect more than 80 people.

It’s also easy to become an organ donor. You don’t have to take any additional steps or lengthy tests to register. Whether you choose to donate one organ or more, you can rest easy in the fact that your donation will change lives and help the recipient live a longer, healthier life.

If you want to make a difference now, you can register with the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.

Make a Difference With a Small Act

Being an organ donor does not affect the quality of care you receive from medical practitioners.

No matter why or how you arrive at the hospital, a doctor’s priority is always to provide the best care possible.

Registering as an organ donor can save lives and give hope to those waiting for a transplant.

If you have any questions about organ donation or if you want to learn more about the registration process, اتصل بنا at Gift of Life Michigan.

We proudly honor life through organ donation.

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