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2023: A RECORD YEAR; 500 organ donors
News | نوفمبر 20, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan breaks record for organ donors in a year

Unprecedented 500 donors save lives so far in 2023 Michigan’s organ and tissue donation program has broken another record by reaching the 500 organ donors…

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a green stethoscope surrounding two pink paper kidneys on a gray background
News | نوفمبر 10, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan CEO praises protections for living organ donors

Gift of Life Michigan celebrates the passage of a law that prevents health insurers from denying or limiting coverage for living organ donors in this…

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Two teenage girls wearing disposable glasses that mimic the need for a cornea transplant.
News | أكتوبر 20, 2023

A new bill will require education about organ donation in Michigan public schools

A new bill introduced Tuesday in the Michigan House would require education about organ, eye and tissue donation for 9th graders in public schools statewide….

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Family of four, including a toddler and a newborn
Blog, Let's Talk, Stories of Hope | أكتوبر 16, 2023

Tissue donor changes life for breast cancer survivor

“I can look in the mirror every day and not be reminded of the hell I went through.” Curpri Sanders experienced the happiest time in…

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Guadalupe Alejos, who received a kidney transplant 50 years ago, standing in front of the Kidney Transplant Center sign
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Stories of Hope | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Transplant Throwback: Guadalupe Alejos 

Name: Guadalupe Alejos Age: 77 Home: Grand Rapids Transplant: Kidney at Trinity Health Kidney Transplant Center Why did you need a transplant and when did it…

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Heart transplant recipient Rachel Kuntzsch
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Stories of Hope | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Lansing heart recipient saves lives by telling her story of hope

Life was “exceedingly rich” for Rachel Kuntzsch when it nearly slipped into darkness forever. She was happy, 44 and her Lansing consulting firm was thriving….

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A group of Gift of Life staff, transplant recipients and legislators gathers around Governor Whitmer, who is seated at her desk and holding up the signed Check Your Heart Act
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, News | سبتمبر 12, 2023

New law lets residents sign up through tax forms

Michigan residents who haven’t yet added their names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry will have a new and easy way to do so in…

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Newborn baby wrapped in orange towel with headband
Blog, Gift of LifeLines | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Baby Jade Townsend saves the life of another infant

Case results in protocol change with worldwide implications One of Gift of Life Michigan’s smallest donors – baby Jade Townsend, who lived for just 55…

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Check Your Heart graphic featuring Aimee Cruz saying "I'm here today because someone checked their heart."
Blog | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Using digital marketing to save lives

Growing awareness one impression at a time Gift of Life Michigan is working to educate and inspire action using data and by telling the stories…

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Artelia Griggs, donor mother, receiving an award from Christine Peiter, Gift of Life employee and tissue graft recipient
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, News | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Gift of Life’s gala generates thousands for critical programs

Popular signature event will grow in 2024 The annual Champions Gala honoring people and organizations across the state is thriving thanks to the generosity of…

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Two teenage girls wearing "cornea glasses" that distort vision.
Blog | سبتمبر 12, 2023

“All of Us” surges in popularity at schools across Michigan

There’s a buzz in the air when Gift of Life Michigan educators arrive at a school with their red trunk of supplies and plasticized real…

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101-year-old Katherine Steck holding a flower arrangement. Katherine donated tissues after her passing.
Blog, Gift of LifeLines | سبتمبر 7, 2023

Think again if you believe you’re too old to be a donor

One of the greatest myths related to organ and tissue donation is that there’s a strict age limit and that older people couldn’t possibly save…

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Double lung transplant recipient Debora Dearring
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, Let's Talk, Stories of Hope | سبتمبر 7, 2023

Volunteer Spotlight: Gift of lungs motivates Debora Dearring to share her own spirit and compassion

Debora Dearring lived at Henry Ford Hospital for nine months, seven of them waiting and praying for a double lung transplant that would save her…

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A donor heart under ice in a sterile cooler
Blog, Gift of LifeLines | سبتمبر 6, 2023

Heart study with Stanford University results in more transplants

Gift of Life Michigan has worked for years to find new ways to increase the use of donor organs for transplantation. One five-year study, in…

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Cindy Zarate in blue scrubs in the ICU
Blog, Gift of LifeLines | سبتمبر 1, 2023

Staff Spotlight: Cindy Zarate takes care of donors in the days, hours and minutes before they give their final gifts

Donation Coordinator Cindy Zarate squeezes a terry cloth towel soaked with warm, soapy water and slowly wipes it across the arms of a man whose…

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