Thank you for giving hope to those on the transplant waiting list.

Now that you’ve made the decision to register as an organ donor, here are a couple things to know.

  • Your personal decision to become a registered organ donor is considered legally binding, much like a will.
  • It's important to share your decision with your family. Doing so offers clarity and eases your family's minds during a difficult time.
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Photo of a Michigan Driver's License with the red heart "DONOR" symbol enlarged for emphasis

What does joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry mean?

  • Your information is now in a secure database, only accessed when donation is being considered at the end of life.
  • If a registered donor is younger than 18 when they pass, their parents or guardians will make the final decision about donation.
  • If a potential donor is not registered, the family may be asked to make the donation decision.
  • The organ donation process is not a one-size-fits-all, every situation is different. Learn more about the donation process on our website.
Michigan sample driver's license with red heart donor symbol emphasized, and Check Your Heart logo
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