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مارس 13, 2024 8:00 ص to 4:30 م

ندوة Kountz Callender Drew Transplant

Gift of Life MOTTEP is partnering with Ascension St. John Hospital in Detroit to host an educational, inspiring day for medical professionals, chaplains, social workers, funeral professionals and others interested in end-of-life care and organ, tissue and eye donation. This year’s theme is: Mind Matters: Exploring the Intersection of Mental Health, Physical Health, and Organ Donation.

The Kountz Callendar Drew Transplant Symposium is a great opportunity to earn CEUs.
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More details about the presenters, agenda and CEs are available on the Event Registration website.

This symposium is designed to promote an exchange of ideas on healthcare disparities and their impact on organ and tissue donation. National and local experts highlight ways to engage physicians, health professionals and community leaders to become champions in saving lives. Presenters examine the roles and responsibilities of professional and public education
to encourage strategies to increase the number of organs available for transplantation and to promote healthier communities.

Our 2024 theme, “Mind Matters: Exploring the Intersection of Mental Health, Physical Health, and Organ Donation,” highlights the intersection of multiple disciplines and how they
impact the psychological, biological and physiological responses in our body. — Remonia Chapman

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