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2023 was a record year for Gift of Life Michigan with 578 organ donors and 1,858 tissue donors
News | أبريل 17, 2024

Gift of Life sets organ and tissue records in 2023

Michigan’s donation success continues to mirror national trend Gift of Life Michigan had another record year in 2023. The state’s organ and tissue donation program…

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More than 100 staff at Munson Medical Center gathered to celebrate their upcoming Hospital of the Year Award - many of them came in on their day off to join the celebration.
News | مارس 1, 2024

Munson Medical Center Named Hospital of the Year by Gift of Life Michigan

Munson’s John Stanifer, MD and ICU Manager, Eric Jean also to be recognized. Gift of Life Michigan has announced that in April it will honor…

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children holding hands
News | مارس 1, 2024

Can a Living Person Donate a Liver?

The liver is an important organ. It filters toxins out of your blood. You can’t live without one for more than a few days. Can…

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News | مارس 1, 2024

Can You Donate Your Placenta?

The placenta is a one-of-a-kind organ that plays a significant role in pregnancy. It assists in transmitting oxygen and essential nutrients between the maternal and…

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A happy family
News | مارس 1, 2024

What Tissue can be Donated?

There are several tissues that one can donate to save lives. This includes cornea, tendons, veins, skins, and bones. We usually hear much about organ…

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Dr. Bedi, Rachel Kuntzsch and Sarah Scantamburlo are new Gift of Life Governing Board members
News | فبراير 21, 2024

Gift of Life Michigan announces new board members

New board members will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table Gift of Life Michigan is proud to announce three new members joining its…

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2023 was a record year for Gift of Life Michigan with 578 organ donors and 1,858 tissue donors
News | يناير 15, 2024

Gift of Life Michigan smashes record for organ donors in 2023

More than 213,000 people join Donor Registry Gift of Life Michigan helped a record 578 people become organ donors and 1,858 to give the gift…

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Melinda Herrera, Neuro ICU nurse at Sparrow Hospital, will receive Gift of Life's 2024 Nurse Champion Award
News | يناير 3, 2024

Sparrow Hospital nurse earns statewide donation champion award from Gift of Life Michigan

Malinda Herrera becomes a living donor to offer hope Malinda Herrera has been a passionate advocate of organ and tissue donation for years as a…

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2023: A RECORD YEAR; 500 organ donors
News | نوفمبر 20, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan breaks record for organ donors in a year

Unprecedented 500 donors save lives so far in 2023 Michigan’s organ and tissue donation program has broken another record by reaching the 500 organ donors…

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a green stethoscope surrounding two pink paper kidneys on a gray background
News | نوفمبر 10, 2023

Gift of Life Michigan CEO praises protections for living organ donors

Gift of Life Michigan celebrates the passage of a law that prevents health insurers from denying or limiting coverage for living organ donors in this…

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All of Us traveling trunks, full of giveaways, brochures and other educational materials, are available for teachers across the state of Michigan.
Gift of LifeLines, News | أكتوبر 20, 2023

A new bill will require education about organ donation in Michigan public schools

A new bill introduced in October in the Michigan House would require education about organ, eye and tissue donation for 9th graders in public schools…

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A group of Gift of Life staff, transplant recipients and legislators gathers around Governor Whitmer, who is seated at her desk and holding up the signed Check Your Heart Act
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, News | سبتمبر 12, 2023

New law lets residents sign up through tax forms

Michigan residents who haven’t yet added their names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry will have a new and easy way to do so in…

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Artelia Griggs, donor mother, receiving an award from Christine Peiter, Gift of Life employee and tissue graft recipient
Blog, Gift of LifeLines, News | سبتمبر 12, 2023

Gift of Life’s gala generates thousands for critical programs

Popular signature event will grow in 2024 The annual Champions Gala honoring people and organizations across the state is thriving thanks to the generosity of…

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Guests enjoyed free Dippin' Dots ice cream at Donate Life Night at the Zoo
Blog, News | أغسطس 17, 2023

Donate Life Night at the Zoo celebrates organ donors, transplant recipients and renewed life

Gift of Life’s largest West Michigan outreach event returned this week to the popular John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids with a new twist. This…

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Terra DeFoe, donor mother, stands in front of a church stained glass window
Blog, Let's Talk, News | أغسطس 1, 2023

شهر التوعية بمانحي الأقليات القومية

August is National Minority Donor Awareness Month, designated to heighten awareness about organ and tissue donation in multicultural communities. Originally observed in a single week…

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