Alanna Marie Nagi

Alanna is deeply loved and missed by her family and friends, she was at her happiest being with them. Her beautiful face and personality, her joy, enthusiasm, bubbliness, her sparkling outlook and humor have touched all who have been blessed to know her.Alanna traveled extensively for someone so young. She visited Europe three times with her family, favorite being Rome. She walked the corridors of the ancient Colosseum, felt the cool spray from the Trevi Fountain, and prayed at the Vatican. She saw Naples, Florence, Venice and Sicily. She climbed Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius. Bicycled in Barcelona Spain, played on the beach in Cannes, France and stood under the pillars of the Parthenon in Greece and visited the country’s Island of Mykonos and Santorini.She loved elephants and in Thailand she was able to fulfill her dream of riding one. Alanna had always been a shining bright light in our lives and will continue to be a shining light through eternity.Alanna’s motto “La Vita e’Bella”

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