Donor Resources for Professionals

Every person and every group – whether that’s a business, an institution, a fellow healthcare organization or others – can play a part in promoting organ, tissue and eye donation. Gift of Life Michigan relies on our partners and provides lots of resources to help you be part of this life-saving mission.

You Have the Power

Honor Life Through Donation

Gift of life works with workplaces, hospital professionals, emergency responders, educators, and a variety of other professionals to encourage and educate.

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Workplace Partners

Is your company or organization interested in helping save and improve lives? Join us as a workplace partner and we’ll give you the tools and resources to share this message.

Organ donation and Faith

Faith-Based Communities

Did you know that almost every major religion supports donation or leaves it to the individual to choose the selfless act of saving lives?

Organ donation First Responders

Emergency Responders

EMS staff and other responders can play a critical role in making donation an option through their assistance in the field.

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Does your school (or class) have an interest in science and donation? Our award-winning “All of Us” program easily fits into most curriculums, either through virtual or in-person presentations.

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Anyone has the potential to be a donor, regardless of age or medical history. Patients who are receiving hospice care may be eligible to be tissue or cornea donors upon their passing.

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Funeral Service Professionals

Just as donation can provide solace to a grieving family, funeral professionals serve and support donor families after the loss of a loved one.

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Municipal Clerks

We work closely with municipal and county clerks throughout the state to educate and inspire residents to consider becoming organ, eye and tissue donors.

Not a Professional?

You can still help!

Gift of Life Michigan also provides information specific to families whose loved one was a donor, recently or in the past, and to people who to promote donation as a volunteer.

Thank you for Your Work

Please share these resources with your friends and coworkers!

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