Hospice Patients - Tissue Donations

Hospice partners, thank you for the role you play in honoring decisions about tissue and eye donation. Giving these gifts can help a family with its grieving process. Donation also is an important topic for families to discuss if a loved one has not already made a decision.

The Gift of Life

Tissue Donation

Because hospice patients are not a ventilator at the time of death, they are not eligible to be organ donors. However, the gifts of tissue and corneas – which may be possible from a hospice patient – can improve the lives of up to 75 people.

Making a referral

To preserve the potential for donation, call Gift of Life Michigan at (800) 482-4882 within 1 hour of the patient’s cardiac time of death or if the family mentions donation.

Information that we may request includes:
The Basics
  • Caller name and company
  • Patient’s name and location (address, phone number, etc.)
  • Date of birth, sex, race
  • Cardiac time of death, or time when last seen alive
Patient's Medical History
  • Height and weight
  • All diagnoses, cause of death, past medical history
  • White blood cell counts, temps, any fluids given
  • Physical assessment, e.g., trauma, infection, open sores, etc.
  • Legal next of kin. Has the family mentioned donation?
  • Contacts, phone number
  • Healthcare directive
  • Funeral home info
  • Medical examiner involvement
Questions or Comments?

Contact Information

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Donor Specialists by email or call (800) 482-4881 for 24-hour assistance.

Webpage updated 9/5/2023

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