Am I an Organ Donor

The United States has an “opt-in” approach to organ donation, which means residents must register to be an organ donor. If you are on the organ donor registry it is because you registered to be an organ donor, likely when you received or renewed your driver’s license or state ID card at the Secretary of State.

Photo of a Michigan Driver's License with the red heart "DONOR" symbol enlarged for emphasisHow Do I Know If I’m on the Organ Donor Registry?

How to tell if you’re an organ donor on your license

An easy way to know if you’re on the organ donor registry is to look at your driver’s license or state ID card. If you joined the registry when you renewed your license, you will have a heart logo printed in the bottom corner. If you don’t see the heart, that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t on the Donor Registry. People who register before their license expires receive a heart sticker from the Secretary of State that you can place on your license, but you may not have done so.

National Donate Life Donor Registry

National Donate Life RegistryYou may be signed up on the National Donate Life Donor Registry, instead of or in addition to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.  Signing up on this registry will not provide a heart symbol for your driver’s license, but is checked in all 50 states when there is a potential donor situation.

If you’re already registered on the National Donate Life Donor Registry you can log into your donor record to update or change your profile and donation preferences.

How To Register To Become An Organ Donor in Michigan

If you would like to register to be an organ donor in Michigan, or confirm that you are one, you can visit your local Secretary of State office or register online through Gift of Life Michigan. Registering takes less than a minute, and it won’t cause a problem if you’re already registered.

Learn more about how donation works and common questions about donation.

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