Empowering Municipal Clerks

More than 2,400 Michigan residents are waiting for an organ transplant. You can help.

Municipal clerks across the state are saving lives!

The Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks promotes, enhances and encourages the professional development and standing of municipal clerks through cooperation, communication and education.

Municipal clerks can play an important role in saving and transforming lives by partnering with Gift of Life Michigan. With a few simple steps, your office can help us make the Michigan Organ Donor Registry available to your constituents and staff so they can help others.

The urgent need: Growing the Donor Registry is crucial. More than 2,400 Michigan residents are waiting today for an organ transplant. We need your help.



What you can do to help
  • Send a short email to employees in your office or municipality explaining our partnership. Include the Michigan Organ Donor Registry link and ask them to consider signing up if they haven’t already.
  • Add a link to the Donor Registry (GOLM.org) to your email signature and your website so your constituents can access it.
  • Help us promote the Donor Registry on your social media platforms. Share posts from Gift of Life’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.
  • Publish a story about our partnership in your constituent or internal newsletter and show readers how to register.
  • Shoot a simple cell-phone video PSA promoting the Donor Registry and our partnership.
  • Is someone in your office connected personally to donation or transplantation? If so, let us know or tell their story and share it.
Gift of Life Michigan
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Municipal clerks are saving lives!

Several City and County Clerks have partnered with Gift of Life Michigan in recent years to encourage their staff, residents and others to donate life.

In Kalamazoo County, residents are invited to join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry as they sign up for their new municipal ID.

Lansing's Chris Swope has recently stepped up to partner with Gift of Life, and we are excited to work with him!

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey has participated in the annual LIFE Walk/Run in support of donor families, transplant recipients, and patients waiting for their second chance at life. She has also included an article about organ donation in her constituent newsletter!

A man and two women in front of a step-and-repeat banner wearing identical t-shirts
Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey and community leaders at LIFE Walk

Detroit's "Your Election Connection" newsletter
Detroit's "Your Election Connection" newsletter included a story about a man who donated a kidney to his brother.

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