Organ Donation Recipient Resources

While Gift of Life Michigan doesn't work directly with or assign organs to recipients, transplant recipients are why we do what we do.

Serving Recipients

Resources and Inspiration

If you are in need of a transplant, we know how scary and confusing this process can be for you and your family. You may have questions about the process or what happens on the other side of a surgery. Join our community and explore our resources.

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Waitlist Process

UNOS works with donation and transplant professionals to make life-saving organ transplants possible and is committed to a fair and equitable process.

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Writing to Donor Families

You may want to reach out to your donor’s family members to thank them for your new chance at life and to learn more about your donor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about the organ and tissue donation process.

Share Your Story

Encourage organ and tissue donation by sharing your story!

Make a Contribution

The Gift of Life Foundation is a non-profit organization composed of health care professionals and public representatives involved in organ and tissue donation and transplantation.


Motivate people to add their names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and to become involved. Many of our volunteers know the power of donation firsthand.

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