About Organ Donation

Organ and tissue donation can be a complicated process, yet it also embodies one simple truth: You have the power to save and improve lives by deciding to be a donor.

Why Donate?

Many people don't think about organ and tissue donation until it directly affects their lives

When the topic comes up, many realize they have lingering questions about donation. We appreciate every opportunity to dispel misleading urban legends and correct the many misconceptions about donation. The life of every Michigan patient waiting for an organ transplant depends upon people making educated, compassionate decisions about being an organ, tissue and eye donor.

While Gift of Life's role is to facilitate organ and tissue recovery at the end of life, we also support the generous gift of living donation. We encourage everyone to consider sharing life in this heroic way.

Heart Transplant Recipient

Mohamed El-Souri

I want to use myself as an example that you can give someone a second chance at life, and they can excel and go way beyond because of that gift you’ve given them.
Cindy Zarate in blue scrubs standing at a computer keyboard in Gift of Life's Donor Care Center ICU.

Donation Process

The organ donation process may involve the recovery of lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas and intestines for transplantation to severely ill patients on the organ transplant waiting list.

Happy Family on a Walk

Living Donation

Most organ donors help save lives after their death, but it’s possible to donate organs another way.

Happy Family in Living Room

Placenta Donation

Placenta and umbilical-cord donations  make a difference for others and create a legacy for your baby.

What Can Be Donated?
The Benefits of Organ Donation

How Organ & Tissue Donation Changes Lives

We’ve likely all heard an inspiring organ donation story. One person can donate up to eight life-saving organs, as well as tissue and corneas that can heal an average of 75 patients, with the potential of 125!

Most importantly, behind every donation statistic are real people whose lives have been forever changed by organ, tissue and eye donation, whether their grief is tempered by knowing their loved one gave the gift of life, or they returned to work, school or life with a healthy new start as a transplant recipient. Each story is uniquely personal yet intertwined with those of a perfect stranger.

But do you understand how significant each gift truly is?

Watch this video to learn more about the care Gift of Life Michigan provides to donor families:

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