Alex Michael Springer

Alex Michael burned through our lives like a ball of fire.  He wasn’t a big guy, but he had a BIG personality and an even bigger heart.  His life was anything but easy, but he never complained or blamed anyone for his adversities.  Alex made no apologies for who he was or what he believed.  Family was important to Alex.  When he met girlfriend Tierrah, he immediately fell in love not only with her but also with her 2-year-old son and newborn daughter.  He treated them and loved them as if they were his own so of course he was excited when he found out that he was going to be a father to a child of his own.  Unfortunately, Alex never really got to meet his baby daughter, Elizabeth Marie.  She was born while he lay in a coma.  Hours after her birth she was placed in his arms.  I believe he knew, and I believe it was what he was hanging on for.  Alex loved the night sky.  He was fascinated by the stars and wrote about those feelings while camping under the stars in the foothills of the Fook hills of the Rocky Mountains.  Margo, the recipient of his heart and avid quilter in corporate his words into the quilt square I felt that her involvement in the quilt square was appropriate since his big be beautiful heart now beats for her. 

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