Andrew Henry Ozerities

To his family and all that knew him, Andrew lit up a room with his smile, humor, and fun-loving personality.  His simple, no-nonsense approach to life was not overshadowed by his fearless care and protection of all whom he loved, including his dogs and animals in general.  In his short life, Andrew loved big, reached out to people when they needed it and often when others couldn’t.  He was very bright, navigating life with wisdom beyond his age.  Andrew’s family was his source of strength.  He fed off of their love and gave it back in return.  His Nana and Papa, Nancy and Robert, where his closest “Go to” family members when he needed it most.  They shared a unique and special bond that sustained him and filled him with joy and gave him confidence to meet any challenge.  Andrew was “the big brother” clearing the way for his brothers, Jonathan and Daniel and sister Jenna helping them as much as he could by providing his guidance, protection and “straight talk”.  He is and will always be missed deeply.  His loss is profound, but our grief is lightened by his selfless gift of life.  He gave five people and their families the miracles they and their families been praying for.  Andrew, we love you, you’re a hero to many and a treasure we all look to be reunited with.

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