Andrew James Hill

It seemed almost impossible to fit all of the things that Andy was and did on just a ten by ten piece of fabric. So we decided to put what he’d want on there and what mattered to him the most. Andy was an athletic, energetic, and outdoorsy kind of guy. He excelled at every sport he ever played and basically anything he put his hands on. His favorite sports include, but were not limited to: baseball, golf, bowling, football, and basketball, which are all on his patch. He also enjoyed his toys–his Honda CBR 600, his mini Honda CBX 50s, his souped up lawnmowers, and his many vehicles. Andy was also an apprenticed carpenter and a member of the Carpenters Union, so he could build practically anything. In addition to that, growing up as the son of a mechanic, he could also fix practically anything, so he would. He would build, break and then fix things on a daily basis.

Even with a picture and his hobbies surrounding it, we still felt they didn’t serve justice in portraying the incredible man he was, so we decided to put the most fitting adjectives around his picture to help better portray him. And with that, we felt our patch was completed, even though a patch could never fully illustrate the one-of-a-kind man that he was.

— Eric, Tamara, and Kristina Hill

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