Art Neumann

This gecko was chosen because this is a family tattoo.

Our daughter, Lori, at the time in college came home on summer break and said she wanted a tattoo. Her father, Art, gave her every reason in the world not to have it done. Yeah, it worked.

However, the next year she came home and said I am getting a tattoo and this is what it looks like. Art said great we should all get one (WHAT). So the three of us (me struggling a bit) went to the tattoo parlor and got the gecko tattoo.

This tattoo has been the topic of many conversations! It meant a lot to both Art and Lori to have me participate. Glad I did it. Since then we have had this gecko made on stickers; it is now on our cars and the boat. Our license plates are gecko 1, gecko 2, and gecko 3 – in the order the tattoos were done.

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