Benjamin Beckley

I believe God has a plan for each of us before we are ever born. On July twenty third 1975 Benjamin Jason Beckley was given to Robert and Carolene, a son to cherish, nurture, and love. A brother to Robert Jr, Robyn, Jimmy, Marci, Nicole, Rhonda, and Chris. A blessing to us, as he was a special, kind, loving soul. A wonderful, fun, patient father to Jayson, Labeu, and Noah, three beautiful sons. Benji was a friend to many, he was one of those special people, instantly like by all who met him. Far from being perfect, but always willing to admit his faults and strive to do better. Most of all he was generous. On March 1st 2005 our world was shattered, our son, brother, father, and friend was called home. It was God’s plan for him, his destiny left us grief-stricken and asking why-why him? Why now? Then a glimmer of hope, a light, a beacon on a very dark time. The answers we prayed for so desperately for came. The answer was Gift of Life. What a healing experience is has been for all of us. We will never forget how you stayed with us, held us, comforted us, or just sat quietly while we grieved our Benji. Your true compassion and caring were then and are now sincerely appreciated. But what we will cherish the most is the opportunity for our loved one, in one last unselfish act, to become a hero.

A real true hero, not only to those who knew and loved him but to many he never even met. While mortal life came to an end that day, we know now God smiled with love and anticipation, his son was coming home. His destiny was fulfilled.

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