Christina Hoh

Christina loved animals, which lead her to working at the Michigan Humane Society. Working there changed her career choice, becoming a Licensed Veterinarian Technician. Her compassion for animals helped her relate to people on the importance of taking good care of their pets.

Rainbow Bridge was a poem she read at a young age. This poem along with I Am Famous Now? were her favorite poems. She felt they both send a powerful message in different ways.

Enclosed is a copy of I Am Famous Now?. Also two poems her father wrote which express the way we feel.
— Carol


I was born today. One of ten.
My daddy was very famous. I have lots of half brothers and sisters.
My mother is very famous. Since she got famous, she only has puppies.
No more loving hands. No more fun trips…just puppies.
She is always sad when they leave her.
I left home today. I didn’t want to go,
So I hid behind my mama and my 3 liter mates that were left.
I didn’t like you. But one day they said I would be famous. I wonder-
Is famous the same as fun and good times?
So you picked me up and carried me away,
Even though you were concerned about me hiding from you.
I don’t think you like me.
My new home is far away. I am scared and afraid.
My heart says, “BE BRAVE”
My ancestors were.
Did they go to “good homes,” like mine?
I’m hungry because I cant eat too much because it will be bad for my bones.
I cant bite or snap when the children are mean to me.
I just run and play and pretend I am in a big green field
With butterflies, and robins and frogs.
I cant understand why they kick me.
I am quiet but the man hits and says loud things.
The lady doesn’t feed me good things like I had with my mother,
She just throws dry food on the ground.
Then goes away before i can get too close for touching and petting.
Sometimes my food smells bad but i eat it anyway.
Today I had ten puppies.
They are so wonderful and warm. Am I famous now?
I wish I could play with them, but they are so tiny.
I am so young and playful that it is hard to lay here in this hole
Under the house, nursing my puppies.
They are crying no. I am so hungry. I scratch and worry at my fur.
I wish someone would throw me some food. I am also very thirsty.
Now i have eight puppies
They got cold in the night and i could not make them warm again.
They are gone. We are all very weak.
Maybe if i take them all out on the porch, we could get some food.
Today they took us away. Someone grabbed my puppies.
They cried and whimpered.
We were put into a truck with boxes in it.
Are my babies famous now? I hope so because i miss them.
They are gone, and this new place smells of urine, fear and sickness.
Why am i here? I was beautiful and proud like my ancestors.
Now i am hungry, dirty, in pain and unwanted. Maybe the worse unwanted.
No one came although I tried to be good.
Today someone came
They put a rope on me and led me to a room that was very clean
and had a shiny table.
They put me on a table and someone held me and hugged me.
It felt so good!!!
Then i felt tired and laid down in the arms of someone who cared.
— Author Unknown…


You have been gone from us, a little more than a year,
Yes Angel we know, Heaven is a long long way from here.
We miss you more and more with each passing day,
Our memories of a daughter gone, will never fade away.
Nowhere else you could ever be,
Than with God in Heaven, looking upon us lovingly.
We send to you daughter dear, our endless love,
It will surly reach you in heaven above.
As each day passes by, in my heart I say,
My only wish is that you could come back home, and stay.
— Dad

Heaven Needed You

Goda new angel, she left us all behind
The tears that fell, not hard to define.

Looking at her pictures in the hall, as we pass by
With saddened hearts, once again we cry.

But still we remember how it used to be
With others we share those fond memories.

In all of Gods wisdom, from us he took you away.
You were needed in heaven, to care for the animals, we all say.

Your sweet smiling face, again we will never see
Oh beautiful daughter it didn’t have to be.

Your Mother, sister, niece, friends and I all say
Dearest Christina we will all be together, again, someday.

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