Derek Paul Rau

Derek Rau received 2 liver transplants in his lifetime, at ages 8 and 9. The transplants were successful, but sadly in Sept,1999, Derek passed away from an acute illness, unrelated to his liver. He had always told me, if he were to die, he wanted to give someone another chance at life, as he had been given. He was extremely grateful to the 2 donors who had given him the opportunity for a normal life, which he experienced. Derek played hockey (goal tender), was active and popular in school, and enjoyed riding our jet-ski during the summer at the lake. Derek was very wise and spiritual for his 13 years, and prayed often. He believed that “heaven is what every person wants it to be”. As Derek’s mother, I am extremely grateful to the families who donated their loved ones livers. The extra five years we were granted were very special and meaningful to our family. We were able to experience a whole lifetime in five years with this special person. I hope the individual who received Derek’s heart on Sept. 14, 1999, was also able to experience more of life. I know that would make Derek very happy.

Linda Rau

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