Dianna Laura Wolff

Dianna was born in Arcadia Wisconsin on 3/12/1943 to Chester and Evelyn.  Her mother later remarried, and she was adopted.  Their family moved to Milwaukee and at eleven years old where they moved to Marinette Wisconsin on the Michigan border.

I met her on a blind date while I was in service in 1961, we got married Sept 15, 1961, before I went overseas.  When I got discharged, we moved to Clawson and then Royal Oak Michigan.

She was very small and had a good sense of hummer. She loved bowling and going to bingo.  She learned how to crochet and wanted to do something for veterans.  Found a pattern called mile a minute and made lap ropes for them.  The men at Ferndale would take them to the Veterans hospital in Detroit and Ann Arbor.  She always loved to volunteer.  She was a den mother for our son and entertained boy scouts from all over the world.  She decided to become a donor when she changed from a driver’s license to an ID card.  When she passed away on 4/29/18 they were able to take her eyes and skin tissue.  This is why we are here today.  Hopefully someone was able to have sight again and the skin tissue help a burn victim heal.  Thanks for the gift of life for having this day to honor those donors.

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