Duane Anthony Huhn

This quilt square represents Duane’s story and his outlook on life. Duane was a very courageous person as he went through with his journey on Earth. At the age of 45 things changed for him. For the next 18 years, his body challenged him with a stroke, two open heart surgeries, diabetes, dialysis for 4 ½ years, a kidney transplant six toes amputated, Merkel Cell Carcinoma-s very rare and aggressive skin cancer with only 1% nationwide, and radiationHe had very strong faith which he lived every day. He never complained and accepted each challenge with doing what he had to do to get better. One of his nurses called him a warrior though he didn’t picture himself that. He wanted to give back especially after receiving his kidney transplant in 2011. There were no words to describe what a life changing gift he was blessed with. His corneas were donated after his passing and because of that donation two people have a chance of sight. His wanting to give back came full circle from being a recipient to a donor.Before he passed, I came to the realization of why I thought he was put on earth…he was here to train the doctors so his son and grandchildren wouldn’t have to go through what he went through. He had something go wrong with his body from head to toe that challenged every doctor that took care of him. He found peace and comfort with me telling him that. He was the love of our life and is missed by all that knew him.

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