Edward Delano

Sylvia Emma McCann was born in Midland, Michigan on May 8, 1985. She passed away on October 22, 2003 due to an automobile accident. On this quilt square, you will see how Sylvia was always smiling. She also Liked her family, friends, and nephew. Some pictures on her square are a family picture, one with her brother and sister, one with her nephew, who she couldnt get enough of, and the last picture is of Sylvia in her homecoming dress and slippers. Shoes were not the answer with Sylvia. It was always slippers.

My father, Edward Charles DeLano and my daughter, Sylvia Emma McCann.

When my father passed away, the decision was made to donate. After much talk and reading the letters and recipient information, my chilldren understood and grew to their own ideas about donation. Sylvia was becoming a real talker about giving yourself. She said donation was the right thing to do. When she finally got her first license, she signed up for donation right away. Little did we know that we would be abiding her wishes so soon. Both, my father and daughter, would be so glad for all they may have helped in any small way. In the past few months, I am learning how much she talked about Grandpas gift and how cool it was and how she talked to her friends about giving blood and donation. Even the ones who did not want to hear it heard it anyway. I had no idea how many people she told, “Its the right thing and a good thing to do. Im gonna.” Now, Im learning how many people she made think differently with her Grandpas gift story, about how they could give themselves too.

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