Eric Allen Flor

A great person. A good friend, honest, open, truely a good, geniune person.I would like to introduce you to my son, Erik Allen Flor. I enjoyed him fro 24 short years. He was on of three children, my only son. At Erik’s death my children were all adults, Carol 26, Erik 24, and Gail 21. They had grown beyond childhood to an adulthood that included enjoyment of one another’s company. Erik made friends in his youth that he kept for his lifetime. Other friends we made in school and they remained with him. Sports especially soccer and tennis and physical fitness were especially important to him. After his father’s death in 1998 he began searching for meaning and answers. He continued to search through his college and post college years. Erik was helped in his search by friends and caring adults. I very much liked the man my son had become. I will always miss him.

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