Eric Gordon Brem

Our son, Eric Gordon Brem was born fearless. He was a very busy active and talented young man, proud of his Irish-Lithuanian heritage. His freckles, curly red hair, dimples and turquoise blue eyes molded his outgoing lovable personality. His beloved dogs: Magic (who is with him now) and Ginger (who misses him everyday) loved his rough and tough daily encounters. He was a musician, Life scout, athlete, and proud U.S. Marine, serving fearlessly in the Persian Gulf Conflict for 4 years. This dedicated fight proved to be very troublesome for Eric. The generosity he displayed in every aspect of his life and in his death will never be forgotten, being a multiple organ donor. Eric is survived by his grandparents, parents, brother and sister, and many loving relatives and friends. Sempier Fi my brave one, We love you.

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