Jake Haag

It has been over 9 years now since you were taken from us. We miss you every day. You now have a second cousin named for you. Love, Mom

He was the best boy a mom could have. Not a day goes by without him in my thoughts. We have tried to move on but it will never be easy. He loved everybody and if you think of the Leeann Womack song, “that boy could dance!”
— Love. Mom
He was the best boy. Every second of every day I think of him. I would like to know who he helped. We are now in the Phoenix Valley. Mom

Miss you

It will be 10 years soon. We still miss you every second of every day. Soon your sister will be married. Love you always. MOM

I went to high school with him. Class of 2000 Alpena High School, Alpena MI.

Miss you everyday. Try to keep in touch with all ypur friends. Justin J. named his son after you. Love, Mom

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