Jason S. Beavers

Jason Stephen Beavers (Nov. 30, 1983-Oct. 3, 2004) was more than a 20 year old who died from an asthma attack. He loved life. He wanted to see it all and do it all, if he could. So there was no way to put just one thing on the square. The right corner is Jay. On the left corner is Homer from the Simpsons because Jay loved cartoons, videos,music, Nascar, computers, and sitting by the fire with friends. The Jewish star in the upper left corner represents ony the fact that he liked it. The rose bud in the upper right hand corner represents his love for his girlfriend Megan. The lightning bolt between him and Homer represents that he was going to be an electrician and had just got his apprentice license. The names on the Quilt represents just a few of the people that Jay deeply cared for. Jay was just a big kid, he still loved toys, movies, Halloween, Christmas. To know him is to call him friend, and he had a lot of friends, of all ages and nationalities.

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