John Coolidge

John (Jack) Coolidge was first and foremost a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. His love of the outdoors led to hunting and fishing trips to Texas, Idaho, Montana, The Dakotas, and Canada. Bird hunting with his Black Lab. Benelli was his favourite thing to do. Early retirement at the age of 56 gave Jack the opportunity to do something that was important to him, working with the high school football program at his former high school. Until one year before he died, he volunteered as an assistant coach with his beloved Bessemer Speedboys. Interest in these young men continued off the field. Encouraging them to do well in school, and following up to see that their grades were up, was appreciated also by their parents. Our family members have been told how much he touched the lives of many of these young men, in a very positive way, and how much they respected him. Jack Coolidge was a very special man, and we thank God every day that we had him in our lives.

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