Jolene D. Tester

Jolene was my best friend. Not only was she my friend, but she was my sister. We may not have been blood related, but we were sure sisters at heart. She was a beautiful person and her spirt is still alive, I think about her everyday. I love her so much.This is to symbolize my daughters livliness. She was a beautiful full of life amazing young lday. She loved butterflies. Black and pink were her favourite colours. She was always on her trampoline doing flips. She always walked through my house or yard on her hands. She is missed and loved by everyone that knew her. We miss her very much. She made the decision to be an organ donor in April of 2006. She got her first state I.D. and asked what it meant to be an organ donor, I explained it and she said she wanted to do it. I honored her wish.

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