Kathy Nollette

My six year old daughters and I came up with the ideas for the quilt square, in memory of my mom , their grandmother. The butterflies on the square represent a story that my mom has told me through the years- she always told me that when someone you love dies they come back to your garden as a butterfly. Well becasue of the story she told me and my daughters when she was ill we chose butterflies for her wuilt square, and she loved the garden and flowers so that is why we put flowers on. When my twin daughters were newborns, she started calling them her little lady bugs. So we put the two lady bugs on the square to represent her grand daughters- her pride and joys and her reason for living for two years longer than ony doctor thought she would. She thought that because she had heart disease she would not be able to donate any organs/ tissue. This square shows that even in illness and death, she was able to give the gift of life to others.

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