Katie Wessely

Katie Rose was a very special young lady wise before her times. She was caring, loving, and thoughtful, above average IQ. She had many friends she never knew how close they were. She always shared her love, but because of Asperger’s she didn’t always feel the love of others or the bonding that she gained.If you look at her patch on the quilt you’ll see that it is green shamrock showing her Irish heritage, in one leaf there are books and a pencil showing her interest in reading and writing. In another leaf there is M*A*S*H 4077 representing her favorite television show. In the third leaf you’ll see a dog’s paw print representing her love for dogs and for Northview High School. The fourth leaf shows a rose, her middle name and her favorite flower. Katie wanted to write a book to let everyone know that they are special. The books are in blue, her favorite color.Katie had a heart of gold and wanted to help other. She was able to donate her two kidneys to help two other people.Although she left us at such an early age (15 years old), she made a Huge impact on othersKatie Rose Wessely will be forever in our hearts.

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