Kenneth Mulholland

This is a picture I gave to my Dad Kenneth E Mulholland with a tribute I wrote to him on Fathers Day 2005. It really says who he was. At home in his bib overalls he did not require a lot of things; a hard worker always checking to see if the wheat was ready. He often spoke of how he communed with the God he loved in the out of doors. He took his passion of farming very seriously but loved to tell you stories that always kept you guessing to the end and had a great sense of humor. A few days after I had given him this picture he said “I thought I was standing in Don’s wheat field not John’s “ He was an awesome dad, Grandpa and a Great PaPa full of wisdom who taught us all a lot by the way he lived, always wanting to help if he could. But knowing sometimes the best thing for you was to let you struggle, he was always there for us. You knew you were loved and he was always interested in you and your future. He was concerned about the legacy he would leave to his family and for the future generations to come. He was definitely the patriarch that held our family together. An Irish man who loved and new God and served his country in the army, a farmer who had a love for the land and how it was farmed. He was definitely a people person, making friends wherever he went. He loved going to Fiddler Jamborees across the state as he got older. When he retired he started to study the effects of Electro-Magnetic Fields and their effects on people and traveled all around trying to locate the stray voltage and to correct it. He received many letters from people that were thankful for his help. His first great grandson was an organ donor recipient and my dad understood the importance of being a donor. Even in death he expressed his giving nature. Dad we all miss you!!!
— Kathy Hyrns

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