Kevin James Meyerholt

Kevin Meyer, You'll always be in our hearts

Kevin was a special education teacher in the Rudyard school district in Upper Michigan. He was well respected by the faculty and his students. At the beginning of the school year he became ill and was in and out of hospitals in the area. Marquette hospital finally air-lifted him to Mayo Clinic; Michigan hospitals had tried to diagnosis disease during September and October but could not help him. Mayo Clinic called us and asked permission to research his illness, which eventually was diagnosed as fungal Moning, a horrific and incurable disease. During his final month of life at Mayo clinic he was subjected to many procedures, operations, and tests. He finally ended up in a coma. The hospital staff was very caring and compassionate and kept us informed. We were not able to be at his side because of the distance and our work schedules. We only had two weekend visits with him. They gave us a call during his final moments and we heard the clergy’s prayer. They even put the phone to his ear so we could say our fi

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