Luther Doyle Martin

My Dad Luke was a man who worked as a car mechanic for the past sixty years. Besides being his job, it was also his passion. He loved attending car races at the local track, watching, reading and anything else involved with the working of the inside of a vehicle. Even after retiring from a dealership, he continued to repair friends, familys and many customers cars. He had a loving, giving soul but was also very stuck to his beliefs. He worked long, hard hours, but was always fair to others. There was never much money, but always lots of advice. The day we lost out Dad, he was in his beloved garage. My Mom said, “Why couldnt he have died in his sleep?”. Thats because he didnt sleep in the garage. We as a family continue to give to others even after his long trip home. I know his smiling goes on with a wrench in one hand and a Pabet blue ribbon in the other.We miss you.

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