Ralph E. Bentley

There was still a lot of boy in him. Every child he met became an instant friend. He loved his nephews, grandchildren, and children. It took three years of fertility treatments before the miraculous news came. We were going to have a baby. Eight days later, the ultra sound revealed there were twins coming. Later, with a high-tech ultra sound it was concluded that it was a boy and a girl. It was a dream come true for him. On January 10, 2002, Allison Desiree and Nicholas Robert Bentley were born. Even though early, they were healthy, and after six weeks they came home from the hospital. Luckily, Ralph was a stay-at-home dad and spent a lot of time with them. How happy it would have made Ralph to see his children grow up. That was not to be.

Ralph had a deep love and respect for his mother. He loved and aggravated his older sister and younger sister at every turn. Ralph wanted to help everyone and earn their respect. It would have been so like him to offer his organs to someone in need. The liver, kidney, and pancreas that were donated helped three individuals. All of them had children. He made many of our lives better. I loved him like I can no other. We miss him and we thank him.

— Linda S. Bentley

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