Robert J Journeau Jr.

Bobs quilt patch represents his love of God and family, especially his wife Theresa, who was his beloved for twenty-five years. Bob and Theresa have two boys. These three boys loved to play and watch basketball, football, and baseball. Stats, players, and moves from the teams were all a part of the boys memories of Dad. Bob played golf and read books when he could, but family always came first. Bobs wife, his two boys, sporting events, and family parties were his life. Bob was taken too quickly, but becasue of his generous spirit, we decided to donate to the Gift of Life because through his donation, someone elses loved one could live life to the fullest.He liked to be called Bob. He was my Teddy Bear husband of 25 years. We did every thing together, from grocery shopping to yard work and working around the house as well as raising our two wonderful boys together, ages 11 and 7 at the time of Bobs death. He was my best friend and soul mate. He loved his two boys so very much and would do anything f

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