Roger Dennis Cramer Jr.

I would like to introduce you to Roger Dennis Cramer Jr. He was a kind and gentle person, his friends came to him when they needed to talk or just needed help, he was always there. He had great patience. I am a special need child and he would spend hours trying to teach me something, like tying my shoes. When I couldnt get it, he would say, “Thats OK buddy, well try again,” and then he would give me a hug. He would read the same book over and over because it was my favorite, we would bounce on the trampoline, or he would teach me how to catch a ball. The best was when he would tuck me into bed with hugs and kisses. Even when he died in a car accident, he continued to give to others. There are people that live better because of him. Yes, I am proud to say, this is my Daddy.

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