Ryan Zapf

Dear friend, please share some of your precious time with me to hear Ryan?s story. Ryan was a normal 16 year old boy on June 3, 2010, with a fantastic life full of opportunities ahead of him. Something very different was going to happen that day. Something was going to change a lot of people?s lives. Chaos struck Ryan?s mind, sirens and officials arrived, and everything was different. Looking at a very cold and changed Ryan?s body came a new set of possibilities. What good can possibly come from anything so painful? Ryan?s life was gone but he could go on ?living? in other people. Gift of Life was an obvious choice. ?Death?s sting? could be deserted knowing that God will use even this painful event to do his plan. Ryan is now busy doing God?s work where skin cannot be touched and his breath is no more. Thank you, God, for Ryan?s brief loan to live here on earth. His life is being used to continue to inspire and change people?s lives from anger, death and despair to love, life, and hope. Please, friend, whatever you are looking for as needing ? do not give up till you find someone that will tell you about how much God loves you. Thank you for sharing Ryan?s story of love, life and hope. All these possibilities await you in God?s love for you.

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