Sean Michael Glarner

Sean enjoyed every facet of life. It showed in his smile and that same smile shown thru in his beautiful blue eyes. He would beam with joy over hearing Unchained Melody on the radio to being on our way to meet family or friends for a simple meal or a celebration of any size, maybe it was a favorite movie about to play on TV. He just loved life. Sean’s heart was so full of love that he saw people, animals and everything, to e interesting and in the positive way. He was pure, had heartfelt innocence and love. The picture in the middle exemplifies the saying “sing like no one is listening” and “dance like no one is watching”. With his many interests, this was Sean. IF you met him only once, you would remember him and have loved him. We miss you Sweetie, with every breath and heartbeat. All of our love to you on angels wings, Mom, Dad & Nick

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